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Jennifer Moore / Doubleweave Revised & Expanded

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Conventional shaft loom weaving constricts the weaver into making only a single layer of fabric that is no wider than the loom. Increase your loom's capabilities with Doubleweave Revised & Expanded!
In this comprehensive guide to doubleweave, master-weaver Jennifer Moore revisits the tips and techniques to weaving in multiple layers.  
Doubleweave Revised & Expanded is filled with new information about doubleweaving and more including:

   • More doubleweave technique samples for both 4 and 8-shaft looms, including more overshot patterns.
   • Expanded information on how to weave fabric twice, thrice or even four-times the width of your loom, with no seam.
   • Beautiful doubleweave project patterns for the home and more!
 Expand the abilities of your loom with 
Doubleweave Revised & Expanded!

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