General Business Conditions

E-shop Terms & Conditions 

General Conditions & Complaints

1. These terms and conditions set out the basis on which orders are placed in the internet shop. They specify Buyer´s and Seller´s rights and obligations.
2. The operator and the Seller on is:

JUKAN, s.r.o.

Budovatelska 50

080 01  Presov

Slovak Republic

Registered number: 46350322
VAT number: SK2023341298 

1. All orders placed on e-shop are binding. By ordering goods Buyer is deemed to have understood and accepted valid terms and complaint regulations.
2. Buyer warrants to provide truthful and precise data.
3. An electronic order form filled in by Buyer is considered a draft of purchase contract. The contract takes effect at the moment Buyer receives the ordered goods.
4. Place of delivery is the address mentioned in the Buyer ´s order form.
5. Propriety right passes to Buyer´s possession after payment and receipt of the goods.
6. Buyer binds himself / herself to receive goods and to pay total price and other charges mentioned in the order (postage and packing, cash on delivery). 
7. In case Buyer does not meet obligation to receive and to pay for the ordered goods, Seller is entitled to decline further orders placed by this Buyer.
8. By filling the order form, Buyer permits Seller to collect and archive his/her personal records. Seller is allowed to use these data solely within valid regulations for administration and accountancy purpose.


Postage & Delivery

1. Postage refers to the type of delivery and consignment weight. 



1. Should complaints arise they will be settled in conformity with the complaint regulations of e-shop and valid Slovak Republic regulations for contract issue.


Contract Cancellation – Returns
1. Buyer has the right to return any item within 14 days of receipt. Returned items in new and unused conditions, without signs of wear and tear, in original packaging must be sent back within approval period (date of dispatch is determining). Goods must not be returned cash on delivery. Seller refunds corresponding amount to Buyer by prearranged way as soon as the returned items are delivered. Expenses relating to dispatch of goods are non-refundable.


Contract Cancellation – By Seller Party, Right to Price Change
Seller reserves the right to cancel an order or its part in following cases:
1. Goods is no longer produced or supplied.
2. Commodity price has changed markedly.
In these cases, Buyer is contacted without delay and a new practice is arranged.
2. Seller reserves the right to change prices. Current prices are confirmed by Seller at the moment of order confirmation. Provided the current price is identical or lower than the order price, goods is supplied for the price valid at the moment of order confirmation. In case the price is higher than the order price, Seller informs Buyer about this fact without delay.

Final Provisions
1. By delivering an order, Buyer accepts, without reservation, the commodity price, delivery and all trade terms as amended on the day of order delivery as well as on the day of dispatch of the ordered goods.
2. Pictures attached to products may serve only for illustrative purpose.

1. Provided any complaint about goods delivered by e-shop arises, Buyer may lodge a claim by mail or e-mail.
2. Written notification about detected trouble may be claimed at Claim notification must comprise: Buyer´s name, address, telephone number, e-mail (if available), order number, detailed description of the trouble and suggestion how to sort out the incurred situation. In all cases, presentation of invoice copy and a proof of payment and delivery of claimed goods are indispensable.
3. Buyer is obliged to check possible signs of damage caused by transit before receiving the consignment from the carrier. In case the packaging is harmed, on the spot Buyer is obliged to check if the goods in the consignment was damaged or not. Should difficulties arise, Buyer is due to inform both the carrier and the Seller without delay, but within two workdays after receiving the goods at the latest. Caution: in case of damaged packaging, draw up a report about it with the carrier. This will simplify further complaint handling.
4. Seller informs Buyer about subsequent complaint procedure within three workdays after receiving claim notification.
5. Seller does not assume responsibility for damage resulting from product and function operation and from damage caused by unskilled manipulation, as well as damage created by externalities. No guarantee is provided for this kind of defect.

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